November 6, 2011

A turning point for the Stone Bank

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Sunday, Nov. 6, was huge for the Stone Bank family — because we moved all of the last owner’s possessions out of the bank. The move was necessary, because the asbestos guy arrives Tuesday, and the floor tile is HOT. Our heroic work crew removed five four-drawer fireproof filing cabinets, three other files cabinets, three desks, carpet, paneling, five sinks and bags of unwanted stuff.

We filled a dump truck! But here is the great part.

As we were flagging a bit, after moving several heavy file cabinets, I saw two younger, fit and muscular men walking down the street. I asked if they had time to so do some volunteer work and they plunged in! Thanks to Brandon and James just in from California to move beehives for the winter. Amazing good luck that they happened by. High fives all around.We ended the day sore but proud that the Stone Bank Project is moving in the “get ‘er done” direction.Thanks to Larry, John, Dale and Mike for their heavy lifting. They are truly Stone Bank All-Stars. And a hug for the guys from sunny California, who helped move furniture in a snow squall.

Moving the fourth 800-pound file cabinet of the day. Passersby Brendan, quilted jacket, bottom left, and James, top left, plunged in and lent a hand to our volunteers, Mike, top right and Dale, bottom right.


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