November 7, 2011

Progress at the old Stone Bank

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Months of work, study and consultation — brought us to this point.  We are moving ahead with the first steps of the restoration. Today, the electric company placed a meter outside the bank.

The power to run the tools! We are electrified.

That means the contractors will have the power they need to begin dismantling the back of the building.

Don’t worry. We will put it back up, after we put a proper foundation under that section of the building, but that’s next year.

Asbestos? What asbestos? That’s what we will be saying next week, after our abatement is completed.

And then, our stone mason will begin marking the stones, in preparation for taking down the back wall. It’s for safety and to make it solid again. Work is set to begin Nov. 18.

Unclaimed raffle prizes!

Three lucky winners didn’t claim their prizes after our benefit this past weekend. See Karen at the Spectrum if you have the winning ticket for any of these. And thanks for attending.

Chocolatopia candy: Green ticket 275008

Brown wallet: Yellow ticket 003004

Salt-free seasonings from Penzey’s Green Ticket 275088

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  1. Mark J said,

    I think you guys are setting a great example for others in our state – please keep up the good work!

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