November 11, 2011

Stone Bank mystery — solution

Posted in History at 12:25 pm by stonebankblog

Why were all those sinks stored in the basement at the Stone Bank? Nobody guessed it. But here’s the story. The former owner of the bank building told us that they date to when the building was Bottineau Clinic. A ha!

When the clinic moved out, they left the sinks behind. And they have been down in the basement for more than 50 years!

Mike Dorsher carried the sinks out of the basement and a lot of waste out of the Stone Bank building. Note that we have tossed the kiddie pool/rain catcher.

And here’s to the handsome and strong gentleman who carried all the sinks up and out of the building. Mike Dorsher is a good friend of the Stone Bank.

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Another mystery coming soon.


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  1. Mark J said,

    It is amazing how many different uses a building goes through over all those years!

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