November 14, 2011

Going down

Posted in Dismantling the back at 6:38 pm by stonebankblog

It’s starting to feel real. Part of the Stone Bank is going to be dismantled beginning Friday, Nov. 18

To save the whole building from demolition, we are having the rear 20 feet of the structure dismantled.

The damage around the window in the back of the building is the most obvious problem, but the back 20 feet of the building is tipping away from the front.

The dismantling will take the back wall, go around the corner and take the arched window, the door and the next window.

It’s quite a bite, but we need to take down the distressed part of the structure to get at the underlying problem: The foundation.

Our stone mason, Joe Whetter, confirmed today that he is ready to go. And he’s not worried about the cold. When you’re lifting stones that weigh up to 300 pounds each — no worries.

The dismantling will end about a foot from the right side of the window at right.

Here’s the section of the building that will be dismantled soon.

Joe will mark the stones and stack them on pallets, so he can reassemble it again next year.

POP QUIZ: Why are we dismantling it?

A: To fix the foundation.

We’ll keep you posted as the project moves along!



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