November 22, 2011

Stone by Stone

Posted in Dismantling the back at 3:08 pm by stonebankblog

Work began Tuesday, Nov. 22, to dismantle the back of the Stone Bank-Bottineau. It was 12 degrees when the Whetter Masonry crew, but they warmed up in a hurry.

Dismantle not demolish!

That’s what started today at the Stone Bank-Bottineau.

Stone mason Joe Whetter and his crew popped the cap off the parapet and began removing “courses” of stone. (A course is stone worker’s parlance for a horizontal row of stones.)

The stones are being numbered and stacked — so Joe can put this all back together in 2012.

Stone mason Joe Whetter loosened the mortar holding one of the brownstone corners in place.

The face stones weigh between 100 and 300 pounds — and they are moved by hand to the scaffold, then stacked on a pallet and lowered to the ground with a loader.

Once the face stone is loosened from the wall, it is stacked with others from its row, then the stones are lowered to the ground and kept together on a pallet.

Joe’s goal today is revealing the roof, so our general contractor can get a look at it — because at some point that leaking, rotten roof will also be removed. Planning is hour by hour — because they don’t know how this cookie crumbles.

Let’s hope it doesn’t crumble. More later. Watch this space for more updates.

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