November 24, 2011

Thanks and GIVING

Posted in Volunteers at 8:53 pm by stonebankblog

Dale Thompson, Mike Dorsher, Larry Larson and John Gregg worked up a sweat for the Stone Bank.

The Stone Bank project is deeply indebted to a core group of volunteers who have really helped get this project rolling. From our CPA and lawyer to friends of the Stone Bank family who have done the dirty work of getting the bank cleared out. We thank you for your giving.

Mike Dorsher gave Larry Larson a little light as they removed fixtures from inside the Stone Bank.

Mike, Larry and your Stone Bank blogger took down all the ceiling tiles in the room, at left, on the day before Thanksgiving. And a whole lot of fiberglass insulation – aw-choo.

But, there was a nice surprise under the false ceiling — some intact tin ceiling tiles. Pictures of that tomorrow.

Our contractor will remove those tiles for reuse before that section of roof is demolished.

Again, thanks to all of our donors and our volunteers for giving the Stone Bank project a boost. We appreciate it.


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