November 30, 2011

The roof and beyond

Posted in Roof at 4:22 pm by stonebankblog

The crew from Skinner Roofing checked out the Stone Bank roof on Wednesday.

Away with the ancient, leaking roof! And on with a new top for the Stone Bank.

The roofers arrived today to pull up the old roof.

After structural repairs are made, they will lay down and attach 6 inches of insulating foam and put a rubber T.O.P. membrane up there.

The seams of the membrane are heat-sealed — and thus, when the back 20 feet of the Stone Bank building are rebuilt — the rebuilt section’s roof can be attached to the new roof.

At right, behind the pallet, is the section of the roof that will NOT be repaired. Note the blue tarps on the far right, a makeshift effort to keep some water out of the building.



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