December 5, 2011

Bad Roof — Good Roof

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Following are pictures of the Stone Bank’s roof in a sort of “before and after” scenario. The “before” pictures were taken on July 12, 2011 — when our nonprofit was deciding to take on this project in earnest. The “after” pictures were taken Dec. 2, 2011, after two-days’ work by the crew from Skinner Roofing.

This shot (facing east) shows the Stone Bank's old asphalt roofing -- which was leaking all over the place.

In an effort to stem the flow of water into the rear of the Stone Bank, a volunteer used sandbags and a tarp to redirect the water. It helped a little.

It was a soft and gooey mess under the tarp. This is the section of the building being dismantled in the next couple of weeks.

The new view facing east, shows the new roof membrane mostly in place. Neat. Tidy. And no longer leaking.

The view looking west (toward the section of the building being dismantled). The membrane roof will be extended to that section, when it is rebuilt in 2012.

This expensive and necessary roofing work would not have been possible without a grant from the State Historical Society of North Dakota and a zero-percent loan from the Bottineau EDC.

Our thanks to Scott Wagar for these photos.


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