December 7, 2011

Stone Bank’s New Top

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The weather cooperated — as much as the weather in North Dakota can (not much precipitation) — and Skinner Roofing reported today that they have completed work on the first 60 feet of the Stone Bank’s roof.

Tim Skinner also reported that they found a lot of problems under the old asphalt roof, and said that his crew “stepped through the roof in four or five spots.”

This part of the roof needed a little extra attention from the roofing crew. There were several places where the roofing was rotted through.

So, there will be a bill for extra time and materials, because the roofers made sure there was a solid foundation under the new roof.
Doesn’t it just look better?

The front 60 feet of the Stone Bank's roof is complete. The section of the building to the right of the chimney is being dismantled. When it is rebuilt next year, it will get a shiny new roof, too.

It is wonderful progress, but we a facing a cost overrun. If you are a Stone Bank supporter, your tax-deductible contribution will help pay for this lovely new roof.


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  1. MinnGal said,

    Great progres indeed!

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