December 10, 2011

Stone Bank Update

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Pictures! Thanks to Scott Wagar for clambering atop a neighboring roof to get a look from the topside at the Stone Bank work.

What’s going on here?

This picture shows that there are only three, maybe four, roof beams to remove on the “bad” old part of the roof. The work ends where you see the lip of the new “good” roof membrane.

Roofing, Stone Bank, restoration, history, preservation

Here's an overview of the partial dismantling project of the Stone Bank-Bottineau. The dark (asphalt) section of the roof will be removed next week. The many layers of old roofing are heavy and really stuck on the beams.

As we reported in yesterday’s post, the Stone Bank proved that it really was built to last. These photos give a great look at how thick the walls are. Stone — layers, leveled and sturdy.

Stone Bank, restoration, history, Bottineau, North Dakota

Looking down to the part of the Stone Bank being dismantled. The three roof beams that finally came down are leaning inside now. At top left in this picture, is the ridge where the new roof membrane ends.

So, stone by stone and beam by beam the “bad” roof is coming off the back 20 feet of the building.

And once the beams are down, the work taking down 20 feet of the south wall can continue.

Wish us good luck and good weather!

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