December 19, 2011

Stone Mason at Work

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When your Stone Bank blogger last talked with our stone mason, Joe Whetter, he said the work that he is eager to do is to put the Stone Bank back together next year. Right now, however, he is still dismantling the stone facade on the back 20 feet of the building.

This video shows the heavy lifting involved. Each facestone is loaded onto a pallet with the other stones in its “course” (row).

The Stone Bank’s walls are about 2 feet thick, and some of the stones span from the outside wall to the inside; they are HEAVY.
Work will continue the week of Dec. 19. So far, the weather is cooperating. (Except for the fake snow on your screen.)

Let’s hear it for Joe and his crew. If you have questions, post them here, and I will get you the answers, if possible.


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  1. […] It does seem strange that moving these heavy stones is actually delicate work. But so it is. Here’s a video from December 2011, as Joe and crew took down the Stone Bank’s  South wall. […]

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