December 21, 2011

Loosen up and move

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Stone, that is. Brandon Person was at it again Wednesday — removing stone from the Stone Bank. He removed two courses (rows) of stones from the building’s south facade.

Stone Bank restoration underway in Bottineau, ND

Talk about a calorie burn! Brandon Person first used a crowbar to loosen the stones and then he lifted or rolled them onto the scaffold.

Two rows of stones removed from the south facade of the Stone Bank in Bottineau

From the scaffold, each course of stones will be stacked on a pallet and lowered to the ground and labled so they can be reused in the rebuilding process.

So far, the weather has been playing nice with us. It has been dry and quite mild for mid-December.

Watch this space for daily updates as the back of the bank is dismantled.

p.s. Speaking of calories — check out the assortment of bismarcks at the Family Bakery on Bottineau’s Main Street.

Lots of temptation at the Family Bakery in Bottineau, ND

Wow. Lots of choices if you have a hankering for a bismarck in Bottineau.


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  1. Jean said,

    Makes you wonder how the Egyptians pulled off that whole pyramid thing.

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