January 31, 2012

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Just what I have been thinking — analytics seem like the “new math” that somehow diminishes our ability to see the world as it is.

Susan Kiernan-Lewis

A few days ago, Publishers Weekly published a photograph with one of its online articles that you will not want your children to see.

For authors of any stripe, (indie or trad) it is as gruesome and horrifying as anything Stephen King could conjure up. The photo shows a pie chart depicting those avenues deemed most likely to spur a reader to buy a book. (Yes, it adds up to 203% and yes, there’s no information on how these pie wedges were calculated, but let’s stick to the horrifyingness of it for a bit.)

Allow me to direct your attention to the “social media” wedge of the pie. While it sits at a puny 11.8%, this effort, for most authors, constitutes a concentration of time and work on par with creating their manuscripts. Are you really living on Facebook and Twitter for a measly 11% return on your (time) investment?

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January 28, 2012

A Stone by Stone Story

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Seeing the back of the Stone Bank dismantled doesn’t tell the whole story. Our stone mason, Joe Whetter, carefully removed each stone by hand. He has been at work since the end of November, and he meticulously removed stone from around a door and two big windows. As he worked, the back of the Stone Bank disappeared a little each day.

Gone with it is the fear of condemnation and demolition. But don’t worry: Our plan is to rebuild it over a new foundation.

Here is a slide show of the dismantling process. Thanks to Scott Wagar of the Bottineau Courant, who contributed these photos. (Please remember to “Like” our blog posts, because it matters to our Google ranking. Thank you!)

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January 26, 2012

Stone Bank milepost

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As the late Etta James sang: “AT LAST.”

Late today, stone mason Joe Whetter finished dismantling the back 20 feet of the Stone Bank building on Bottineau’s Main Street. Bravo!

Joe and his crew have been removing stone since the week of Nov. 18.

Dismantling project complete at Stone Bank-Bottineau

The Stone Bank in Bottineau is 20 feet shorter -- temporarily. The door in the
foreground is propped about where it used to be. At right, the stack of red sandstone
shows where a window was removed.

What a great way to begin 2012! We have made great progress on saving this wonderful structure from the wrecking ball — but we won’t stop there.

Our plan for 2012 is to raise the money to put a proper foundation under this section of the building and then put it back up — stone by stone. But this time the building will include a handicapped entrance at the rear of the building.

Stone Bank before dismantling work

This is the section of the bank that was dismantled. Extensive water damage
to the building's roof and back wall made it necessary to take it apart to save it.

Touchstones — the nonprofit working to restore this wonderful, historic building — will have its hands full raising the money for the rebuilding process. Can you help? Click the PayPal link on our homepage http://www.stonebank.org or send us a check! Every nickle will help. And the IRS has approved our 501 (c) (3) status! So anything you give is completely tax deductible.

It’s a great day for the Stone Bank project — why not make it an even better day with your contribution?

Dismantled section of Stone Bank in Bottineau, ND

This view, looking toward Main Street shows the interior stone wall left standing.
The white flap at top is the edge of the new membrane roof that covers the front two-thirds of the building. Below it, a temporary wall closes the building to the elements.

Thanks to our intrepid stone mason and his crew and to Scott Wagar for the up-to-date photos.

Happy New Year!