February 5, 2012

All in the Numbers

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Like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, numbering stones for restoration work is creating a map for the stone mason. Excellent idea and as old as, well, Machu Picchu.

Here for instance. Two pictures of stone numbering as part of restoration projects.

Stone marked for removal at the Stone Bank. Note the beaded mortar between stones.

Stone 51 was saved for reuse at the Stone Bank in Bottineau.

Stone numbering at Machu Picchu

These numbered stones are in a restored wall at Machu Picchu.

Of course, it makes perfect sense to number the stones by row and sequence to put them back in the correct place. (So simple it’s genius.)

What we learned in Peru is that when a stone wall or structure is restored, preservation crews leave the numbering in place, so visitors know which areas are restored and which are in original condition.

When the rear section of the Stone Bank is rebuilt — we likely won’t preserve the numbers on the stones. But perhaps we will leave a mark somewhere inside or out to show the “rebuilding” line.

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