February 6, 2012

Open Your Heart to the Stone Bank

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Your Stone Bank blogger is working on the Stone Bank’s finances — and, well, our project is running on empty.

We had cost overruns with roofing and the dismantling of the back of the building. And we want to pay our contractors!

Can you give us a boost? Any amount will help and for anyone contributing $50 or more, your Stone Bank blogger will throw in a nifty and stylish Stone Bank T-shirt! (But, quantities are limited, so don’t dawdle.)

Stone Bank T-shirt

Our rockin' Stone Bank T-shirt! You should have one!

Go to http://StoneBank.org for our PayPal link or send a check to Touchstones, Inc. at 511 Ohmer St. in Bottineau, ND 58318.

(T-shirts come in women’s and men’s styles.)

Thanks for your interest in the Stone Bank!


  1. mikedorsher said,

    What size men’s T-shirts do you have left?

  2. Mark J said,

    Are you connected with Preservation North Dakota? If not, they can be a source of grants possibly.

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