February 8, 2012

All Things Stone

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If you are a fan of the Stone Bank Blog — you’re probably a marvelous, curious person with eclectic taste. And we’re not just buttering you up.

Well, anyway. As an eclectic sort you will likely be interested in a website dedicated to all things stone. Stonehenge. Stone circles. Forts, etc.

Check it out at http://stonepages.com.

Mystical Horizons near Bottineau, ND

Not Stonehenge. It's Mystical Horizons in North Dakota.

StonePages.com is certainly an interesting AND an easy way to while away an hour on the Internet.

Here’s a link to the Stonehenge webpage, too. www.stonehenge.co.uk



  1. Jean said,

    Well, you may or may not be pleased to know that I have actually gazed up on the Pentre Ifan in Wales. Yes, it was a big moment. But blast, a dang film crew was there filming some sort of documentary and it wasn’t about the gang of archaeology volunteers at Carew Castle.

    • Wow. Great memory. I realize that my rather new fascination with stone is really an old idea for mankind. But it makes me feel a kinship with all stone builders. Stone links us all together.

  2. Yingying Xue said,

    beautiful light

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