February 16, 2012

Stone Bank 1902

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Finding good pictures of the Stone Bank has proved to be an exasperating challenge. We have a few pictures that vaguely show the bank in a general Main Street shot. But that was all!

So, imagine your Stone Bank blogger’s delight at finding a copy of a 1902 book “Bottineau Illustrated 1901-1902,” tucked away in the reference section of the Bottineau County Library.

It had a single sentence about what was then known as Bottineau County Bank. But the big score was an ad with a picture of the bank. Ka-CHING!

To date, it’s the best “historic” picture we have found. And here it is!

Stone Bank circa 1902

The Stone Bank in 1902, when it was Bottineau County Bank.

Compare the profile of the bank in the 1902 photo to the more contemporary picture of the building, below. It’s clear the building was altered at some point. Where there was one arched window on the south side, there are now THREE. And the building is longer than in the historic photo. Interesting.

Stone Bank-Bottineau in 2011

This picture shows that at some point the Stone Bank grew a little. Note how the configuration of the windows on the building's long side have changed.

So. There you go. It’s a bit of a mystery, because we don’t have a lot of written history and precious few photos, but we learn as we go. And we will keep trying to discover the bank’s early history.

* Note: The back 20 feet of the building was dismantled in late 2011 and early this year. At the left of the picture, the area around the back two windows and door is temporarily gone.



  1. MinnGal said,

    Great work, Stone Bank Blogger! I am really impressed at all the research you have done on this building and the history of Bottineau.

    You are helping preserve a real treasure.

  2. Mark J said,

    That is a great photo, it’s amazing the changes these buildings endure through the years. I love the post supported sign!

    • Thamks, Mark. It was a BIG day when I found that picture and the book in the local library was a photocopy and the ad was blurry. I got this version at the State Archives in Bismarck. And this pic really adds perspective to our project.

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