February 18, 2012

Stone Soul Walk

Posted in Friends of Stone Bank, Pictures, Stone Work tagged , , , , at 8:29 pm by stonebankblog

Funny thing about stones. Once you start “seeing” them you see them everywhere — in all kinds of configurations. At least, that is the experience of your Stone Bank blogger — and apparently the experience of a good friend of the Stone Bank, who sent us this photo.

Interesting stone structure in Phoenix, AZ  with a golf ball topper.

How fun is this? Stone Bank friend Jane Winston spotted this interesting stone structure with a golf-ball topper on her a.m. walk near Phoenix and snapped this shot. Lovely.

Thanks for the charming photo, Jane.

How about our other Stone Bank fans? Do you have some interesting “stone” pictures? Or memories of the Stone Bank? We’d love to hear them.

Attach them to an email to touchstones.inc@gmail.com, and we’ll share them.

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