February 27, 2012

Stone Bank “Double-Wide”

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YES. That is “our” Stone Bank — with an addition.

Historic photo of Stone Bank and an addition

The Stone Bank once had a very cool addition. The section to the right of the pillar was added on and shows in photos from the 1930s, and then it disappears.

We have no documentation of when that part of the building was constructed, but it was demolished and replaced after a fire — or two. (Roofers found charred roof timbers and the stone mason found soot on part of a stone wall at the back of the building.)

And one of our architects tells us that although the two sides of this building shared a facade that the interior spaces were not connected. By the time this photo was taken there was a dental office in the left side of the building.

Here’s the 1902 picture for comparison.

Bottineau County Bank from 1902 ad

The Stone Bank in a 1902, looking good on Bottineau's Main Street.

Initially, we thought the “double-wide” was the original Stone Bank, but when the 1902 photo surfaced, we realized that we DO have the original structure. If you scan down the left side of the building, you will see the building has been altered since the 1902 picture. (Note the configuration of the windows.)

Also note there is no pillar at the front entrance and you can see a sliver of daylight to the right of the building.

Stay tuned for more pictures. We’ll share them and the building’s history as we find them.



  1. mikedorsher said,

    I guess that’s why it’s futile to look for a “Built in” cornerstone on the right side of the bank, too — because it wasn’t there at the start.

  2. Jean said,

    Maybe those guys who stole the cornerstone of the White House have the one for the Stone Bank.

    Just a thought.

    I love these old photos. Still no sign of the James Gang.

  3. […] you’re just joining us, check out this previous post that shows the original building and the “double-wide” addition that came sometime […]

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