March 1, 2012

An 1897 Come-On

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History. Is. Sometimes. Elusive. At least on the Stone Bank front.

A collection of pioneer-era newspapers at the County Courthouse sometimes yields a clue or at least something interesting. Here’s an 1897 ad from the Bottineau Courant. Guess what? It looks like the bank was selling reliability and trust.

Ad from 1887

An early ad from Bottineau County Bank selling "trust" in the man.

Remember, what we now call the Stone Bank was originally Bottineau County Bank — the first bank in the county. Our research shows that the men named in this ad were in the second group that owned the bank — probably the group that built the Stone Bank. (A two-story woodframe building was moved to another site to make room for the Stone Bank.)

Let us know if you like this post, and we’ll post more historic information as we uncover it.



  1. Jean said,

    Oh, man, one letter off. For a moment, I thought it read S.I. Newhouse! I love this stuff. Keep it coming! We’ll find that James Gang yet!

    • It’s a great way to learn the town’s history. The bound newspapers are in a locked vault and it’s very quiet and a little spooky in there.

  2. Mark J said,

    This kind of thing is great to get out for all to see, thanks for posting!

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