March 8, 2012

Just Down the Block

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Here’s a picture of what is now the Golden Rule clothing store in Bottineau, referred to in a recent post.   It’s another marvelous settlement-era building on Main Street.

If you were to walk in front of the Golden Rule and continue down the street (walking off the left side of this picture), you will find the Stone Bank at the end of the block.

Clothing store and Masonic Temple in Bottineau, ND

Bottineau's Main Street clothier is now "The Golden Rule."

In the past year, the owners of the Golden Rule have done some remodeling and renovation of the building. And reports are that the Masonic Temple on the third floor is pretty amazing.

Bravo! to the effort to keep another great old building going strong on Main Street.

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  1. mikedorsher said,

    It’s interesting that there was an optician on that block then — and there’s still one on that block, although now it’s adjacent to the Stone Bank. With all that eye care, you’d think that the folks in Bottineau could see their way clear to saving these landmark Main Street buildings. The fate of the hardware store we see in this photo also hangs in the balance. It was the second-oldest business in Bottineau, after The Courant newspaper, but the hardware store closed down a couple years ago, right after Wal-Mart opened on land the city annexed for them, and the hardware store space on Main Street remains vacant today.

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