March 12, 2012

That’s a BIG Rock!

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At the StoneBankBlog, we are always interested in “rock” news. And we  are impressed at the news that “the BOULDER” made it to downtown Los Angeles over the weekend. What boulder? “The BOULDER.” 

Artist Michael Heizer is creating an exhibit “Levitated Mass,” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and this 340-TON stone is the centerpiece. And the 11-night move from quarry to city was pretty cool.

I give this effort a TRIPLE WOW!

Artist Michael Heizer's giant rock

(REUTERS/Courtesy Los Angeles County Museum of Art/Handout )

Moving the boulder involved the use of a specially designed trailer, and most of the action took place at night and on side roads to avoid traffic, bridges and other issues.

More details on the boulder and the move are in a slideshow on Yahoo:

It cost $10 million dollars to move “the boulder” — and the money came from donors.

Do you feel moved by stone?  We are moving a lot of stone, too, and we could use a financial boost. We aren’t as BIG as the L.A. project, but our effort will feel as big on Bottineau’s Main Street.

It’s easy to donate on our website:


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