March 21, 2012

Between a Rock, and — well, You Know …

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It was a BIG day at the Stone Bank in Bottineau, N.D.

How big?

Big times THREE.

Our architect, Bobbi Hepper Olson, our general contractor, Fred Kainz, and our stone mason, Joe Whetter, spent the afternoon at the Stone Bank working on a plan to move the project forward.

They assessed, conferred, scratched their heads and assessed some more.

The plan isn’t complete, but they came to a few conclusions, the first of which is this: The “inside” stone wall left in place in dismantling the back of the bank will have to come down, too. It’s crumbling and would hinder fixing the foundation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had hoped that inside stone wall would become an interesting, exposed stone wall in the restored building. But it is not to be. The stones are scorched from some long-ago fire and the mortar holding the wall together is turning back into sand. Sigh.

A more detailed plan from today’s meeting is coming, but this is the first step. It was great to have the pros assess and report. Now we have to find the money to make it happen.

Go to if you want to help. We have a “Donate Now” button ready and waiting.

Never forget — Preservation ROCKS! (And so does the Stone Bank.)

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