March 27, 2012

Solid as a ROCK!

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Here’s a 1901 ad about the Bottineau County Bank that was placed in “Bottineau Illustrated.” It’s the single best picture of the bank that we have. Isn’t it great to see the bank standing there true and as solid as a rock? The ad’s simple elegance seems designed to convey a sense of solidness and stability.

Your Stone Bank blogger’s guess is that the two chaps on the front steps are two of the guys named in the ad — perhaps the cashier and assistant cashier. (From other research, it appears that they handled the day-to-day operations of the bank.)

Ad for Bottineau County Bank circa 1901

This ad lists the second group of investors who owned and ran the bank.

Last week at the ND State Archives, we found that the bank had more than $722,000 in liabilities when it went under in 1923. Wow. And it took about 20 years for the receiver and his crew to work through all the claims and other issues. The really sad discovery at the Archives was an affadavit  that attests that all the bank’s records were burned when the receivership ended. Drat. And Double Drat. This probably explains why we can’t find much about the bank.

Speaking of money — we could use some donations. We have a few remaining bills from last season’s work, and we’re gearing up to go ahead with our 2012 agenda.

Go to to send an online payment via PayPal. Or drop a check in the mail to 511 Ohmer Street, Bottineau, ND 58318.  Every dollar will help with rebuilding the back. And tell your friends. We could use a few angels to drop some “deposits” our way.

Thanks for joining the push.

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