March 28, 2012

Still Standing

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… but not for long.

The Stone Bank’s north wall was spared when the back of the bank was dismantled. But its days are numbered.

Last week, our architect and stone mason said it’s just too damaged to repair — and it would get in the way of repairing the foundation. So, it will be going away — soon.

Exposed stone wall at rear of Stone Bank in Bottineau, ND

This stone wall will be taken down at the Stone Bank in Bottineau, ND.

Below is a closeup of the wall that shows how the mortar is letting go, and some of the soot on the stones from some long-ago fire.

Detail of north stone wall in  the Stone Bank

Some stones have voluntarily left the wall. The rest will be removed and saved for possible re-use.

It is ¬†interesting to see how the builders stacked the stones and wedged them together for a good fit. Because this was an inside wall, it doesn’t have the prettiest stones. Even so, it will be sad to see it go.

On the other hand it’s good to see some things go. For example, Touchstones’ 2012 grant request to the State Historical Society left home today. Whew. It is due Friday, and we should hear if we are “chosen” in mid-May. Take a moment and put out some good vibes for the grant. Successful fundraising is critical to begin this year’s work — starting with the north stone wall.



  1. tuxedofiles said,

    Yup, that stoneworks definitely looks like a classic example of the middle Anasazi period.

    • Our stone mason said that it has been patched quite a bit. We know of two fires in the building over the years, so that explains the soot. There’s a lot of “explaining” to do!

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