April 3, 2012

The Long View

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What do we have here? It’s the Stone Bank’s backside! (Tee-hee.)

This picture shows how far we have come and how much we have to do in 2012.

The stones stacked and wrapped in the foreground were saved when the back 20 feet of the bank was dismantled. Saved? Yes. The stones will be reused when we rebuild the back section of the bank over a new foundation. The stone wall to the left in this photo will also be dismantled as part of this year’s work. (Sadly, it’s too damaged to salvage.)

Stone Bank in Bottineau ND with the back 20 feet dismantled.

The Stone Bank in Bottineau, ND minus part of the south wall and the west (back) wall. Pallets of stones are being stored on the site for re-use.

In addition to the QR code posted in three of the bank’s windows, we have also attached a banner to the temporary wall in the back of the building guiding passersby to our Web page. Never been there? Check it out at www.StoneBank.org.

We are excited to get to work on the project this building season, and we made the deadline last week  to submit a grant proposal to the Historical Society of North Dakota. Whew!

But a grant from the Historical Society won’t pay full freight. We’re searching for other funding sources, too. Any ideas? Leave a comment and we will look into all good ideas. Oh, and your Stone Bank Blogger will send a little stone from the bank to the reader offering the best idea! (LITTLE, I promise.)

And, as always, thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog!



  1. Mark J said,

    What about Preservation North Dakota?

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