April 24, 2012

Look Where You’re Going!

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Some ideas are universal — and they can apply to horseback riding or to restoring a stone building.

Blogger Susan Kiernan Lewis always has something interesting to say — which is why I follow her blog. But this particular post really spoke to me — because, in the Stone Bank, we have a big task ahead and we will need to keep our eyes on our goal so we don’t stumble or make a wrong turn.

It appears the same applies when mounted on a horse and urging it to jump over an obstacle.

It’s fun reading — so here you go.

Rock on! Ride on!

Susan Kiernan-Lewis

“It is a truth universally acknowledged…”

Not just  a great first line, but a comforting thought.  Don’t you love universal truths? Or truths we all buy into? I do because it means  the fact that there are truths we all acknowledge as true means we can look to a universally accepted blueprint for how to live our lives. One of the places I look for these universal truths is at the barn. I look there because it’s one of my many opinions that there is no group of people on earth with more quotes relating to living your life than horse people. For example, there is the one about how to jump fences on horseback which, when you think about it, really applies to anything in life that you tackle that’s a little scary but worth doing. It goes like this: “Throw your heart over first, and the horse will…

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