April 25, 2012

It’s All About Craft

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Peru! It’s a country overflowing with stonework and handicrafts.

If you haven’t been there already — add it to your bucket list today.

Craftswoman in Chinchero, Peru, Inca stonework is still in everyday use in this small city.

Chincero, Peru, is the home of Centro de Tejedoras Chinchero -- a weaving cooperative. This weaver stands on a street built by Inca hands in the still thriving community.

What does Peru have to do with the Stone Bank? In North Dakota?

Simply put. It’s craftsmanship.

Our 110+year-old stucture — the Stone Bank — is “old” for us, but it’s a baby compared with the majestic and inspiring stone stuctures left by the Incas and other ancient builders of Peru.

What the Stone Bank does have in common with the work of the Incas is that it was built to last!  The Stone Bank is at least 112 years old — and it has incredible sturdiness. With our work to restore it, we’ll give it another 100 or more years.

Here’s a link to a video that shows how it resisted efforts to take down the back wall. Stone Bank dismantling video

When repairs are complete — the Stone Bank should stand, sturdy and proud as a reminder of  and a monument to our pioneer heritage — much like the stone structures and ruins across Peru are a tangible link to the ancient master stone builders.

Beyond Peru’s stonework, there are the fine rug makers, knitters and weavers making marvelous textiles. These are contemporary people using ancient patterns and techniques to make marvelous textiles. This isn’t stuff from a factory or a discount store — these crafts  will last. These are things of real value; things to treasure.

Some students from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire have just put up a website that details a trip they took to Peru — and what they brought home with them — memories of the people, music, crafts  and history of Peru. “We are All Woven Together” is their theme.  It’s a theme that stretches all the way to the Stone Bank. In North Dakota!

Weaving Peru website

If you haven’t added Peru to your bucket list before you click the link — you probably will do so after.

And if you have a minute, tell us what you value in art, craft and historic preservation.

Thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog!

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  1. tuxedofiles said,

    I love the dog in the picture. Peru sounds like a wonderful place to visit. And the comparison between the stonecraft culture there and ours today is worth noting.

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