May 5, 2012

Pie and a Sleeping Giant

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We’re all about stones at the Stone Bank, thus we have a profound appreciation of all rocks — especially Ireland’s.

So Ireland Week continues with a look at the Sleeping Giant near Dun Chaoin (pronounced Dunquin) — off Ireland’s west coast. (They say after Dun Chaoin the next stop is Boston.)

Sleeping Giant is one of the Blasket Islands

The Sleeping Giant is one of the Blasket Islands. The giant floats in profile with his (her?) head at the right in the picture.

Talk about an impressive rock!  It’s an amazing, mesmerizing sight and one of the highlights of  walking along this section of the breathtakingly gorgeous coast.

Here’s a link to more information about the Dingle Peninsula and Dun Chaion in particular (their site  has a picture of the giant on a clear day). It’s a very special slice of the rocky world. Wait. It’s a special slice of the rocky world with Bird’s Custard on top.

Speaking of Bird’s Custard, here’s a picture of a fabulous piece of deep-dish apple pie with warm Bird’s Custard. (Something else not to miss in Ireland.)

Apple pie in Ireland. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Our slogan at the Stone Bank is “Preservation Rocks!”  We can easily extend that to Ireland Rocks! Or, Ireland’s Rocks Rock.

Thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog. We’re restoring an 1890s stone bank building in Bottineau, ND. Watch for more posts on Ireland’s Rocks over the next few days. Rock on!


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