June 18, 2012

Stone Bank’s Mystery History Revealed!

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A big fat question mark! That is mostly what we knew about the Stone Bank — originally the Bottineau County Bank. Land records didn’t reveal much and details of exactly when the Stone Bank was built have been, well, sketchy.

But now we know. And this is HUGE.

Scott Wagar, the intrepid editor/reporter for the Bottineau Courant has been digging in the local archives for a year and at long last uncovered what we didn’t know before — who built the bank, how long it took, and when it opened. Whoo-hooooooooooooo!

Scott is a history buff and he did this on his own time — even though he has more than a full-time job. We can’t thank Scott enough, because he really did the Stone Bank family a huge and everlasting favor. Bravo, Scott.

The story, which ran in the June 5, Bottineau Courant is posted below (with Scott’s permission).

Bottineau Courant masthead

Jump1 of Stone Bank article from the Bottineau Courant, June 5, 2012

Jump 2, Stone Bank article, Bottineau Courant, June 5, 2012

What a marvelous and interesting story. Leave a “like” for Scott, because he deserves a boatload of them.

Let’s face it — Scott is simply STONE-TASTIC!

Please, leave a “like” for Scott, because he deserves a boatload of them, and thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog!



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  2. mikedorsher said,

    Thanks to Scott for finding these seminal Stone Bank tidbits in the Bottineau News! Now, if someone could just find the missing issues of the Bottineau Courant from 1900, when the Stone Bank was under construction. …

  3. […] that it’s time to celebrate the building’s birthday.  Check out Scott’s article here  and a story about […]

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