August 30, 2012

Our first annual meeting is open to the public

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Touchstones, Inc.

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors

11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012

@ The Bottineau Technology Center


1.    Election/appointment of new board members and officers

2.    Amendment to the bylaws regarding staggered terms for board members

3.    Consideration of minutes from the last board meeting 

4.    Financial report

5.    Update and discussion on fundraising for the Stone Bank project

6.    Discussion and motions on how to proceed with the Stone Bank project

7.    New business 

8.    Tour of the Stone Bank, in preparation for the Sept. 21 site visit of the North Dakota Historical Society

9.    Adjournment


August 9, 2012

Stone Quote # 4

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Let me check the time.

Just as I thought, it’s time for another Stone Quote.

quote carved in limestone at Peace Chapel at the Intl. Peace Garden

One of the quotes carved into limestone at the International Peace Garden, near Dunseith, N.D.

Another great quote that is applicable not only to world peace but to how we deal with everyday life.

Here’s a nice article about U Thant from the Encyclopedia Britannica, for those of you who are drawing a blank on his name.

And here’s a link to information about the International Peace Garden. The 2,339 acre botanical garden is not only lovely, it is dedicated to world peace.

Thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog.

Remember, we are raising the money to do more work on the Stone Bank, and we could use your help.  Use the PayPal link to send us some love.

August 5, 2012

On the Move in 1900

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Here are a couple of items from the Bottineau News in July 1900.

Yes, 1900! That’s 112 years ago.

In preparation to build the stone bank — then known as Bottineau County Bank —  the bank’s business had to take up residence in another downtown building.

Then the two-story wood-frame building was picked up and moved down the street, so work could proceed  on what we now call the Stone Bank.

Ah, the thrifty and clever pioneers didn’t just tear down the wooden building; they moved it down Main Street and around the corner.

Stone Bank Bottineau

Item in July 1900 Bottineau News about changes at Bottineau County Bank.

People have said that the two-story building was used for many years as a funeral home.

 Then, on July 27, 1900 the Bottineau News reported this item:
Bottineau County News item about the Bottineau County Bank

The “old” Bottineau County Bank was moved to make way for a “fine, stone building on the corner of Main and 6th streets.

Think of all the “disagreeable” days and all the magnificent days the Stone Bank has seen in the past 112 years.

We are working to make sure it has another 112 years of agreeable days. Can you help?

Give us a LIKE on this post. And send a few bucks, so we can get to work on this year’s plan to rebuild the back of the building. (There’s a handy PayPal link on this page . Come on: If the pioneers of 1900 could move a building and build another of stone, you can shake loose a little change for the Stone Bank, can’t you?)

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