December 28, 2012

Rockin’ Out 2012

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Stone Bank, Bottineau, ND

Peek-a-boo! Behind the North Wall — another wall. The concrete block wall of the building next door is framed by stones of the Stone Bank’s North Wall.  The first step in the dismantling process.

Seriously, we don’t want no trouble here.

The Stone Bank’s North wall abuts the wall of another downtown building. So, our stone mason is proceeding with caution as he  begins to dismantle the wall.

Today, after he pulled some stone and fill from the North wall, Joe Whetter, our stone mason, described what he found behind it as ” good concrete block wall behind  2 foot thick stone wall.”

The stone wall is the Stone Bank’s North Wall, the “good concrete block wall” belongs to the building next door.

Whew!  That means we are good to go — go carefully.  Now, Joe will dismantle 20 feet of the North wall and the remaining above-grade foundation at the back of the Stone Bank.

Deconstruction at rear of Stone Bank building in Bottineau, ND

The exposed wall at left is what we call the North wall. It is being dismantled to make way for a foundation repair on the Stone Bank. The above-above grade foundation is also being removed.

It does seem strange that moving these heavy stones is actually delicate work. But so it is. Here’s a video from December 2011, as Joe and crew took down the Stone Bank’s  South wall.

And it’s cold work. But Joe isn’t talking about the cold. He is focused on getting the North Wall down and prepping the site for foundation work in the spring.

As part of the work going on now, our contractor, Fred Kainz, will remove the rotted flooring (water damage) from the back of the building, too.

And then we will be ready for the next step: Putting a new foundation under the back section of the building. Then the plan is to raise the back of the building and reapply the face stones. So, it will look the same as it has for 112 years, but it will be sturdier than ever.

Local donors have helped us match a $20,000 grant from the Historical Society of North Dakota. And yet, we need to raise another $25,000 to get the back of the building put back together.

Excavation and footings:  $4,110.

Foundation walls: $6,444.

Materials to rebuild 20 foot section of building: $12,000.

You know, all the little things add up.

If you know an angel, send ’em our way.  If you want to make a year-end tax-deductible contribution, sent it our way.  Tell your friends. Wish us well. Kiss the Blarney Stone and send us some luck. Whatever it takes.

You can make an online donation with PayPal or Razoo, using the links on this page.  Or send a check to  Touchstones, Inc., 524 Main Street, P.O. Box 272, Bottineau, ND 58318.

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit and every donation is spent on the project. Good bang for your buck!

As always, thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog, we are always rockin’ with news of the Stone Bank Project.


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  1. mikedorsher said,

    Go, Joe! Stay safe and warm.

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