April 3, 2013

Behind the Wall … Another Wall

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With the weather finally improving, stone mason Joe Whetter has gotten back to work on the Stone Bank.

Job #1 is to take down the North Wall to make way for foundation work, and Joe has been moving stone for a couple of days. Behind the Stone Bank’s North Wall is the concrete block wall of the building next door. Joe says there is a gap of several inches between the buildings — whew. Much easier for him to remove stone that is NOT attached to the building next door. (Joe actually worked on the concrete block wall in the 1970s!)

And while he dismantles it, the North Wall is telling Joe a bit of  its history. For instance, he said it is clear that the masons who put up this wall ran out of “medium” stones, because there were LARGE stones — 300 pounds — along the top rows.  What does that mean? Joe suggests that the long-ago masons ran short of stones cut to the right dimensions, wanted to finish and just used what they had on hand to get the job done. Then the roof  and the north parapet were covered in tar paper roofing and sat there for a good long time.

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Speaking of moving stone — have you dedicated a stone yet? It’s a great way to- – a-hem  — kill two birds with one stone. Dedicate a stone to a loved one or your class, business or best friend and help support the ongoing restoration work at the Stone Bank.  Each stone dedication comes with a lovely commemorative certificate.  We have one posted on StoneBank.org.

You don’t have to lift anything but your pen to the face of a check to help us keep moving those stones.

Thanks to Scott Wagar of the Bottineau Courant for keeping an eye on the project and sharing his pictures.

As always, thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog.


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