April 5, 2013

Really Heavy Lifting

Posted in Bottineau, Dismantling the back, History, Photos, Pictures at 1:07 am by stonebankblog

I don’t know about you, but my back hurts just looking at these photos.

Stone mason Joe Whetter dismantled more of the North Wall today — and he did it by HAND!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Joe estimated that one stone he removed from the wall today weighed 450 pounds. And another was 350.

The North Wall also told another story. Joe found stones charred from a fire in the building next door — when it was Lloyd’s Fairway — in the 1970s.  The fire was so intense that it had melted the mortar and cracked some of the stones. And Joe helped rebuild the concrete-block wall way back then.

Do you have a Stone Bank story? We would love to hear from you. This charming building connects us to our history.

Joe’s work on this project not only takes a strong back — but lots of dedication. Does his dedication inspire you to dedicate a stone? We hope so. With your help, the wall will come down, the foundation will be repaired and the back of the building will be restored. Dedicate a stone or send a donation today. (Joe has some fliers in his truck. Pick one up from the Chamber of Commerce or download one from the website.)

Thanks to Scott Wagar of the Bottineau Courant for the photos.  And thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog.


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