November 1, 2013

Block. Mortar. Progress.

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Let’s face it. This is just plain exciting for friends and fans of the Stone Bank project. Stone mason Joe Whetter and his crew are putting a foundation up where none used to exist.

Here are photos of the first day of putting down the foundation. It’s amazing how quickly Joe could lay a row of concrete block — the hard part surely was the prep work.

Stone Bank in Bottinea, ND

Sharp corner at what will be the rear of the bank.

Joe and his crew made amazing progress in a single afternoon -- and the weather (for once cooperated).

Joe and his crew made amazing progress in a single afternoon — and the weather (for once) was sweet and cooperative. Rock on!

Stone Bank in Bottineau, ND

Stone mason Joe Whetter placed horizontal reinforcement between the layers of block.

At the Stone Bank, we embrace challenge — obviously. So, we are taking up the challenge from WordPress to write a blog post every day during the month of November. It’s called NaBloPoMo — National Blog Posting Month, and you can help! Do you have a photo of the bank or a special memory? We would love to post your guest blog this month. So send us your ideas or your posts. Send us a photo of you wearing your smashing Stone Bank T-shirt. This is going to be fun. Join us. It’s all good.

As always — thanks for reading the Stone Bank blog.

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