November 20, 2013

Beauty in the Work

Posted in Bottineau, Dismantling the back, Photos, Pictures tagged , at 11:58 pm by stonebankblog

Maybe it’s the stone. Maybe it’s the guys. But there is something so timeless about many of the pictures we have taken of the work on the Stone Bank. Here is one of my favorites. It was taken in November of 2011, as Joe and his crew started taking down the first course of stones on the bank’s south wall.

Stone Bank project, Bottineau, ND

Nov. 22, 2011: Stone mason Joe Whetter began taking down 20 feet of the Stone Bank.

Nearly two years ago to the day — we were taking the bank building apart. It has been an amazing process. Now we are hard at work putting it back together again.

Check out all of our NaBloPoMo posts — this is Day 20 and we haven’t run out of things to talk about on the topic: Stone Bank.


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