November 17, 2011

Out, out damned asbestos

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Long ago, your Stone Bank blogger took an ethics class in which we studied the story of asbestos. And it was really irritating to learn that the U.S. government allowed the continued production and sale of products made with asbestos for YEARS after it was shown to be a carcinogen. Really. REALLY?

This all came thundering back to the Stone Bank blogger when we learned that in order to proceed with work on the Stone Bank, tests for  asbestos and other carcinogens must be done.

Well, the Stone Bank flunked that test. So, the asbestos had to go.

At left are the floor tiles that were installed at some time in the distant past and are carcinogenic. The certified asbestos guy scraped them up and hauled them away over the past weekend. Whew.

And he took the bad, bad, bad asbestos-laden pipe wrap from around the furnace and vacuumed up the dust. Gone and done.

Report mailed to the State Health Department.

No asbestos here.

At right — and thousands of dollars later — what the floors look like now. Much, much better. Cleaner and a NOT toxic. The black stuff with the tile impressions is only glue.

And now we can proceed with our work on the building.