November 25, 2011

Under the ceiling tiles

Posted in Inside Stone Bank at 10:52 pm by stonebankblog

Some tin ceiling tiles were hidden under a dropped ceiling and discovered in the dismantling process.

Really cool ceiling tiles! The dropped ceiling was hiding what looks to be a section of an original tin ceiling.

Ah, the joy of discovery for Stone Bank’s stalwart volunteers after pulling down old acoustic tiles and and nasty fiberglass insulation.

The frame of the dropped ceiling makes it hard to get a good look, but there is about a 12-foot by 15-foot section of the ceiling that has a drop-down opening. Wonder what that was? We’ll certainly try to find out.

And, YES, our contractor is going to carefully remove the tin ceiling tiles for possible reuse.

This is in the part of the building that is being dismantled, and we will take lots of pictures once that frame is down. It was a good find! And it’s not always “fun” work — but the goal makes it worthy.

Tin ceiling found under the dropped ceiling. The frame of the dropped ceiling makes it hard to see much detail at this time.

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