December 20, 2011

Calorie burning with Brandon

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Brandon Person — a member of the stone mason’s crew — drew the short straw on Dec. 20 and had to separate the good stone from the lime, mortar, wood and other chaff that has piled up behind the Stone Bank.

He lugged, rolled and stacked the stones. He sorted and stacked the wood.

This guy deserves a jelly doughnut — or two.

With the refuse pile out of the way, work can continue on dismantling the back of the building.

Dismantling work at the Stone Bank-Bottineau

Work on the Stone Bank has created a debris field, which needed to be cleared to allow more work on the back wall. The large stones in the foreground will be reused.

Demolition of the back wall of the Stone Bank-Bottineau

Brandon Person sorted the reusable stones from those being recycled and separated the debris field into piles. He Frisbeed a reject to the right pile.

Stones that are too heavy to lift, get rolled into place.

Working alone, Brandon Person, rolled a large stone onto a pallet. These rocks are being saved for reuse. Asked how much the stone weighed, Brandon said: "A lot."

Stone from the Stone Bank will be repurposed.

Brandon held up a stone that could find new life on a book shelf. Stone mason Joe Whetter is going to turn some leftover stones into bookends this winter. Much of the stone will be reused, and the riprap (inside the walls) is being donated to the Bottineau County Road Department. It will be reused on road projects.