December 5, 2011

Bad Roof — Good Roof

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Following are pictures of the Stone Bank’s roof in a sort of “before and after” scenario. The “before” pictures were taken on July 12, 2011 — when our nonprofit was deciding to take on this project in earnest. The “after” pictures were taken Dec. 2, 2011, after two-days’ work by the crew from Skinner Roofing.

This shot (facing east) shows the Stone Bank's old asphalt roofing -- which was leaking all over the place.

In an effort to stem the flow of water into the rear of the Stone Bank, a volunteer used sandbags and a tarp to redirect the water. It helped a little.

It was a soft and gooey mess under the tarp. This is the section of the building being dismantled in the next couple of weeks.

The new view facing east, shows the new roof membrane mostly in place. Neat. Tidy. And no longer leaking.

The view looking west (toward the section of the building being dismantled). The membrane roof will be extended to that section, when it is rebuilt in 2012.

This expensive and necessary roofing work would not have been possible without a grant from the State Historical Society of North Dakota and a zero-percent loan from the Bottineau EDC.

Our thanks to Scott Wagar for these photos.


November 30, 2011

Fixing the Stone Bank’s roof

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Even to the untrained eye, the water damage to the Stone Bank's parapets is obvious.

This part of the bank is going to be dismantled — but this photo shows what can happen when water does its thing with a roof … and stone … and mortar.

Today, Skinner Roofing is going to take the old roof off the front 60 feet of the Stone Bank and install insulation and a rubber membrane to keep the water out.

And that roof membrane is going to be wrapped up around the top of the parapet to keep the moisture out.

We are pleased, pleased, pleased to report this progress.

November 28, 2011

Roof woes

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Do you think it's time for a new roof? The answer seems obvious

Racing the weather, we are going to get the roof on the front 60 feet of the Stone Bank replaced this week.

Seriously, this isn’t happening a minute too soon. Water, snow, rain — whatever — is causing serious damage to the building’s interior and it is causing damage inside the stone walls.

So, this week, Skinner Roofing of Grand Forks will tear off the old asphalt roofing and install six inches of insulation (foam) and put a rubber roof over the top.

That means much better energy efficiency and no more leaks. Whoo-eee.

The rubber membrane will be pulled up over the parapet to hold out moisture. Eventually, we will have a new concrete cap installed along the parapet — but that’s for another time. Right now, our goal is to stop moisture from causing more damage.

This picture is what happened inside the back of the building from a leaking roof. That part of the structure is being dismantled.

Funny, we are dismantling and repairing simultaneously.

November 21, 2011

Scaffold Is UP

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With the external steps removed, the scaffold went up Monday on the south side of the Stone Bank in Bottineau.

The south side of the building has been photographed and the stone marked — and soon the real action begins.

Stone mason Joe Whetter said Monday that the first thing he will do is remove the concrete cap from the top of the south wall. Then he will very carefully remove the brownstone corner stones, because they are “fragile.”

Apprentice Brendan, left, and stone mason Joe Whetter sized up the task Nov. 21 from atop the scaffold.

Whetter used a sledge hammer to test how tight the cap is on the parapet and he said it will come off easily.

As they say in these parts — it should be interesting. Watch this space for updates on the dismantling project.

November 17, 2011

Out, out damned asbestos

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Long ago, your Stone Bank blogger took an ethics class in which we studied the story of asbestos. And it was really irritating to learn that the U.S. government allowed the continued production and sale of products made with asbestos for YEARS after it was shown to be a carcinogen. Really. REALLY?

This all came thundering back to the Stone Bank blogger when we learned that in order to proceed with work on the Stone Bank, tests for  asbestos and other carcinogens must be done.

Well, the Stone Bank flunked that test. So, the asbestos had to go.

At left are the floor tiles that were installed at some time in the distant past and are carcinogenic. The certified asbestos guy scraped them up and hauled them away over the past weekend. Whew.

And he took the bad, bad, bad asbestos-laden pipe wrap from around the furnace and vacuumed up the dust. Gone and done.

Report mailed to the State Health Department.

No asbestos here.

At right — and thousands of dollars later — what the floors look like now. Much, much better. Cleaner and a NOT toxic. The black stuff with the tile impressions is only glue.

And now we can proceed with our work on the building.

November 6, 2011

A turning point for the Stone Bank

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Sunday, Nov. 6, was huge for the Stone Bank family — because we moved all of the last owner’s possessions out of the bank. The move was necessary, because the asbestos guy arrives Tuesday, and the floor tile is HOT. Our heroic work crew removed five four-drawer fireproof filing cabinets, three other files cabinets, three desks, carpet, paneling, five sinks and bags of unwanted stuff.

We filled a dump truck! But here is the great part.

As we were flagging a bit, after moving several heavy file cabinets, I saw two younger, fit and muscular men walking down the street. I asked if they had time to so do some volunteer work and they plunged in! Thanks to Brandon and James just in from California to move beehives for the winter. Amazing good luck that they happened by. High fives all around.We ended the day sore but proud that the Stone Bank Project is moving in the “get ‘er done” direction.Thanks to Larry, John, Dale and Mike for their heavy lifting. They are truly Stone Bank All-Stars. And a hug for the guys from sunny California, who helped move furniture in a snow squall.

Moving the fourth 800-pound file cabinet of the day. Passersby Brendan, quilted jacket, bottom left, and James, top left, plunged in and lent a hand to our volunteers, Mike, top right and Dale, bottom right.

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