November 13, 2013

Now It’s His Lucky Shirt!

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We present to you a man, a Stone Bank T-shirt and a hockey victory!

Our friend, Jeff, wore his Stone Bank T under his equipment in an AHA — Adult Hockey Association — game last week. (Why wouldn’t he wear it on top?)

Stone Bank restoration, Bottineau, ND

Jeff thinks his Stone Bank T-shirt made him lucky on ice. Excellent theory.

His team — the Spitfires — was down a goal in the third period, and Jeff made the goal that tied the game.

Goooooooo! Jeff!

And the Spitfires went on to win! (Could be luck. Could be skill. We like the idea that the shirt made the difference.)

Now he calls the Stone Bank T his lucky shirt! You know, he’s probably correct.

Doesn’t everyone you know need a lucky shirt? Come on. They are 100 percent cotton. Pre-shrunk and, well, just plain lucky. For a mere $15 donation, you can be lucky, too. Order yours today. Be a Spitfire. Be a rock star. Your T-shirt order supports the Stone Bank project.

Don’t need luck or a shirt? We accept plain, old-fashioned donations, too.