November 23, 2013

Now, I Call That Support!

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Imagine our surprise when we recently passed through Fargo — thought we’d stop for a bite to eat and found the Hotel Donaldson draped in bras! (And not open for lunch.)

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This is what I call a really uplifting fundraiser. Of course, the symbolism is obvious — it’s a breast cancer fundraiser.

We chatted up someone at Hotel Donaldson and they told us that this fundraiser has brought in $400K over several years. Fantastic.

Of course, Bras on Broadway has a Facebook page. Learn more about the history of this cause over there.

It’s not only a great visual — it clearly has engaged the community in the cause.

If I thought putting my bra in the window of the Stone Bank would bring in donations — I would do it. I swear. But it would have to be a really good contribution.

Let’s just say, I am not unhooking my bra just yet.

Day 23 of National Blog Posting Month is now in the books. Have a great day.