December 14, 2011

The Roof Yields a Clue

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The Stone Bank has been rather obtuse as we try to find its history. Available records are vague, pictures are rare and there is no cornerstone to tell us exactly when it was built. (Sometime before 1900.)

But our general contractor Fred Kainz found a clue in the rafters as he was dismantling a section of the roof.

It involves a flap of roofing tar paper and a row of 2×4’s at almost exactly the spot where the back of the building has begun to sink.

This is also where the nice stone foundation ends and the dugout part of the basement begins. Hmmm. This must be where an extension of the building was tacked on. Or stoned on.

Here’s a video of Fred describing the change in the roof.


December 13, 2011

Open to the Stars

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Your Stone Bank blogger clambered up the scaffolding and onto the roof today with general contractor Fred Kainz to get a progress report on the removal of roof beams on the back of the Stone Bank.

Great view AND a positive progress report. That’s worth a climb to the roof.

By 4 p.m. today, Fred had liberated all but two of the beams.

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A pile of roof beams covered the floor of the Stone Bank's back room on Tuesday.
At right is the temporary wall that will close the rest of the building this winter.
At top, the stubs of the roof beams remain embedded in the north wall.
The building's back was is at left,
and the Stone Bank blogger is standing on the top of the scaffold -- gulp.

Fred noted that some of the beams were sagging from the weight of many layers of asphalt roofing. But this wipes the slate clean — really clean.

With the beams removed, our stone mason will be able to continue dismantling the stone facade on the back 20 feet of the building. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.