July 3, 2012

Rockin’ Relics!

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Rock ON, Rugby!

Sure, Rugby, ND, is the Geographical Center of North America. But the cool doesn’t stop there.

Rugby has a great old movie theater, some fine stone buildings, a vintage train station and Rockin’ Relics — a Pioneer era hardware store that is now a rockin’ soda fountain. A 1940s themed soda fountain is a 1900-era building. Delightful.

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At the StoneBankBlog, we are always interested in great examples of adapting and reusing old buildings.  Rockin’ Relics is not only a great example — it’s only 40 miles from the Stone Bank.

The food is yummy, too. Your StoneBankBlogger had a “Jerry Lee Lewis” sandwich — which was totally — you know —  ROCKIN’. 

Isn’t it great to see an appreciation for and inspired use of this old hardware store?

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