September 20, 2012

A Rockin’ Stone House

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Didn’t we promise a look at some other great Bottineau buildings?

Let’s start with another great stone building that’s a scant block from the Stone Bank.

It’s a charmer that is called the Saunders house, for the family that only recently sold the house. The original owner was W.R. McIntosh, a member of a prominent Bottineau family in the settlement era. These photos seem to show that the house had a addition at one time, because it is longer than in the original. It also looks as if the porch was removed at some point. Still, the building is remarkably intact at 117 years old. We should all look this good at 117.

Wouldn’t it be great if buildings could talk?

Stay tuned to the Stone Bank blog for more pictures of the great old buildings still in use in Bottineau.

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