August 25, 2013

Progress in the Pit

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We’re not talking barbecue here. We’re talking concrete and stone! And we are cooking, now!

The new footings are in at the Stone Bank. They need a week or so to cure — and then the rebuilding can begin.

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The site was wet, because we found an old wellhead in the excavated site. This was the area where we found all the old bottles in the excavation. Makes sense. They didn’t have recycling bins in 1900, when the bank was built, so they tossed bottles into the well. We found out from a source at City Hall that several other old buildings on Main Street also have old wells.

What did we do? Our crew pumped out and filled the old well. Then the site had to dry out before we could proceed with the footings. We were also behind a much larger project at the Botno Readi Mix plant — so we also had to wait on our concrete.

Now the waiting is over and we can move on to rebuilding. As we finish the support structure in the coming weeks, we will install drain tile and make room for a sump pump, so the new basement will stay dry.

Now we need your help to make the rebuild happen. Yes, we have been fortunate in our grantwriting. But we need donations from the public to match the grants and keep things moving.

Can you help now? This is the turning point for the project. With your help, we will get this building up and the roof on this fall.

It’s easy: Dedicate a stone. Buy a T-shirt. Send a check or use our handy PayPal link to send a donation online. Help us rebuild this wonderful, historic building and put it back to use.

We know you care about this building, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Please take the next step and help us move some stone.

As always, thanks for reading the Stone Bank blog.


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