November 24, 2013

A Postcard from Bottineau: 1928

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Isn’t this interesting? A friend of a Stone Bank friend found this postcard in the archives of O’Reilly Auto Parts. He tells me that O’Reilly bought out a company known as Midwest Auto Parts that seems to have North Dakota roots. But my knowledge of the company’s history ends right there.

Bottineau, ND

This postcard with a 1928 postmark was mailed from Bottineau, ND.

It’s just fun to see something mailed from Bottineau in 1928. And it’s interesting to see the cost of the auto parts for a Model T. In 1928, the Stone Bank had been standing on the corner of Sixth and Main for 28 years. Bottineau County Bank had failed five years before this postcard was mailed, and it was in receivership. The bank never reopened, but the building was occupied over the years by a number of businesses — and we plan to see it occupied again in the next couple of years.

In 2013, not a lot of folks are still driving Model T’s but the Stone Bank is getting ready to roll again.

It’s Day 24 of National Blog Posting Month and we have the blog firmly in “drive” and are moving ahead.

We have some photos from 2003 sent in by a blog reader — we will be posting those soon. Do you have a photo to share? We would love to post photos, guest blogs or your comments on the blog. Thanks for reading the Stone Bank Blog.


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